Nurture of Multiculturalism of Future Teachers in The Process of Foreign Language Teaching

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Context-Based Integrative Educational Technique in Profession-Oriented Foreign Language Teaching (Academic Model United Nations)

Volume 10, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues (ALI 2019) July 19-20, 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 2019, Pages 50-63


Marina Chashko

A Contrastive Analysis of Sports Headlines in Two English Newspapers

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Distribution of Prodrop Syntactic Properties in L2 English of Persian Speakers

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The Effect of Hedging Instruction on Reading Comprehension for Iranian University Students

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Medical Research Article Introductions in Persian and English Contexts: Rhetorical and Metadiscoursal Differences

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Typological Description of Written Formative Feedback on Student Writing in an EFL Context

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Evaluative Strategies in Iranian and International Research Article Introductions: Assessment of Academic Writing

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Evaluating Passages 1 and First Certificate Textbooks: A Discourse Perspective

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An Investigation of the Relationship between Gender and Different Strategies of Expressing Request in English and Persian Films

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Pragmatic Awareness of the Request Speech Act in English as an Additional Language: Monolinguals or Bilinguals?

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Peeling the Onion: A Textual CDA of Research Articles in Humanities and Basic Sciences

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Exploring Impacts of Consciousness-raising in a Genre-based Pedagogy

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Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh; Seyed Farid Beheshti Nezhad; Robab Khosravi