Investigating the Efficiency of Two Writing Strategies Among Iranian EFL Learners: Translated Writing vs. Reading to Write

Document Type : Research Article


1 Shahrekord University

2 Isfahan University of Medical Sciences


This study explored the effects of 2 different types of strategies—translated
writing vs. reading to write—in the writings of some of Iranian EFL learners in
Esfahan Payamenoor University. The results showed no significant differences in
the students’ writings (in the 2 experimental groups and 1 control group) for the
pretest topic. With respect to the posttest, the results, however, indicated that the
experimental groups who received treatment managed to write better in comparison
to the control group who did not receive any treatment. Moreover, it was found that
the experimental group who received treatment via the translated strategy managed
to write better than the group who received treatment via the reading to write
strategy. Also, the t test results for the components of students’ writings showed that
both structure and content in the writings of the translation group improved more
than the reading to write group. Moreover, the reading to write group showed better
performance in the organization of their writings.