Effect of Self-Directed Learning on the Components of Reading Comprehension

Document Type : Research Article


Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University


Research shows a positive relationship between self-directed learning (SDL) and
reading comprehension. The present quasi-experimental study attempted to expand
the scope of SDL by investigating its effect on the components of reading
comprehension. Sixty high school students took the reading comprehension part of
PET as the pretest and the posttest. Over 16 weeks, the experimental group,
consisting of 30 students, underwent instruction in SDL. Data from the pretest was
analyzed using an independent samples t test. Results [t(1.158 = 0.157, p > 0.87)]
indicated that the 2 groups were homogeneous before the treatment. After the
treatment, the data from the posttest were analyzed using a one-way between-groups
MANOVA. Results between the 2 groups on the combined dependent variables
[F(5,54) = 0.72), p = .61], Wilk’s Lambda= .93, and partial eta squared =.06
displayed no significant difference, and this may be due the fact that SDL is not
compatible with Iran’s system of education.