EFL Teachers’ Understanding of the Teaching Portions of INSET Programs

Document Type : Research Article


Shahrekord University


This study aimed to identify the portions of teaching materials for English classes in Iran’s high schools. The efficiency of these materials was evaluated by (a) eliciting the teachers’ perception of the materials to identify their distribution portions and (b) studying the teachers’ satisfaction to identify whether the materials were successful to develop the EFL teachers’ knowledge and skills for real classes. Participants were 94 in-service teachers. Two questionnaires elicited their perception and satisfaction of the programs. Findings indicated the programs focus strongly on grammar, reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation and weakly on speaking, writing, and listening. Results indicated the teachers showed positive attitudes towards the materials for teachers’ knowledge and negative attitudes towards materials for teachers’ skills in teaching. Findings necessitate attention to all portions of EFL to meet students’ needs and bringing more practice into classes than theories.