Investigating the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Different Dimensions of Classroom Management Approaches of College Teachers

Document Type : Research Article


1 Islamic Azad University, safashahr

2 Islamic Azad University, farashband

3 Farhangiyan University, Ahvaz


ge-newline"> This study investigated the relationship between teachers’ emotional intelligence and
different dimensions of classroom management approaches (instructional
management, Behavior management) among college teachers to understand whether
there is a significant relationship between them or not. The sample of the study was
332 college teachers working at Azad university of Fars province. The data were
collected by administering two types of questionnaires, such as “The Emotional
Intelligence Scale”, and the “Behavior and Instructional Management Scale”. Pearson
Correlation model was used in this study. The results show that there is a significant
relationship between the college teachers’ EI levels and their classroom management
approaches. In other words, a positive and significant relationship was observed
between EI and two types of classroom management. However, the relationship
between EI and Behavior management appeared to be more significant. High EI
entails better classroom management and better instructional classroom management.