Translation as a Political Tragedy: A Study of the Political Function of Signs in Literature

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Translation Studies, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

2 University College of Nabi- Akram, Tabriz, Iran


In today's world, literature does not seem to be merely a piece of art for human's spiritual excellence, but is something likely controlled subtly and already planned for a specific purpose and specific audience. Through many literary works Harry Potter series seem to be the most effective work that took the lead. It is officially turned into a phenomenon for all generations. This article attempts to dig deep through the probable conducting ideologies which lead today's literature, specifically the children's literature with the aim of creating a new unite generation in near future. This study benefits the theory of Semiotics and Socio- Semiotic by D. Chandler and other scholars in the same field. Furthermore, Fairclough's Critical Discourse Analysis is applied for a better understanding. Also, the method of this paper is a mixed qualitative- interpretive one. The findings of this paper revealed that literature is becoming and already has become a device to transfer some political ideologies conducted by some groups that subsequently enters other languages and cultures by the use of translation that accordingly transfers the same ideologies and functions in another way which needs a perceptive and alert translator to recognize and handle these ideologies equipped with signs.