The Impact of Multimodal Channels on Teaching Idiomatic Expressions to Intermediate EFL Learners with Regard to Their Attitudes

Document Type : Research Article


1 Islamic Azad University, Dezful Branch, Dezful

2 Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz Branch, Ahvaz, Iran;


This study was to explore facilitative function of using multimodal channels over single channel presentation and comprehension of idiomatic expressions to Iranian EFL intermediate proficiency learners. Out of a pool of 90, sixty intermediate participants were homogenized by a QPT test, using a quasi-experimental design. They were randomly assigned to three equal groups: WhatsApp-, SMS- and Classroom-based groups. A pretest determined their idiomatic knowledge status. Only experimental groups received materials via technologically mediated instruction. A post-test tapped their competence after the treatment. A questionnaire was used to illicit the experimental group’s attitudes towards using technology. The results of ANOVA and t-tests showed the superiority of multimodality channel over single channel. The superiority was, WhatsApp-based, SMS-based, and SMS-based groups, respectively. The findings also revealed a strong correlation between students' attitudes towards the use of technology and their idiomatic competence.