Fiction in the Context of Developing Students' Professional and Communicative Competencies (in the Field of Hospitality)

Document Type : Research Article


Russian University of Transport, Moscow, Russia.


The article discusses the methodological potential of fiction in developing professional and communicative competencies of Hospitality students based on interdisciplinary approach. The study focuses on the most actual aspects of speech culture and describes the ways of developing professionally oriented communicative competencies and the basics of professional speech training of bachelors in the field of Hospitality. Particular attention is paid to the specifics of the occupational novel, in which special vocabulary is widely used, and various systems and mechanisms are described in detail. Hotel, an occupational novel by Arthur Hailey, can be used in teaching Hospitality students as source material for consolidating knowledge about the status and role-based dynamics between hotel staff, communicative strategies and tactics, types and forms of speech, rules of speech etiquette in business communication, as well as for improving oral (public speaking) and written (creative work) language skills. The content of this novel allows students to gain a better understanding of their future professional activities. The article emphasizes that learning professional communication culture fundamentals goes hand in hand with the development of professional (study subject) competence of a prospective specialist. Hence it is suggested that students have a solid understanding of the hospitality industry, its main areas, forms and methods of working with clients. This paper describes the most effective tasks and the questions aimed at studying situations of business communication presented in the novel text, as well as the national specifics of business and speech etiquette and various strategies and tactics of communicative behavior in the framework of English communicative culture. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate the role of literary texts in developing professionally-oriented communicative competencies of bachelors in the field of hospitality.