Language Features of Russian Texts of Engineering Discourse

Document Type : Research Article


1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Baumanskaya, Pushkin State Linguistic Institute, Volgina, Moscow, Russia.

2 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Baumanskaya, Moscow, Russia.


The Article is devoted to the applied problem of identifying the linguistic features of engineering texts. The study of Russian-language texts of engineering discourse is usually of an applied nature, in our case, this applied research is caused by the need to teach foreigners who receive professional engineering education in Russia and in Russian language. The object of the research is the Russian-language texts of textbooks and manuals of engineering specialty "Robotic systems". The logical-component features of the engineering texts organization are described. The basis for the study of features can be a dictionary database of engineering texts, namely catalogs of frequency words. The method of creating a catalog of frequency words is presented. The source material for this study were the texts on the engineering specialty "Robotic systems", created for the purpose of teaching students of this profile. In total, about 10 thousand pages of authentic texts were processed. The catalog of frequency vocabulary includes about 2000 units. On the basis of this analysis, the substantive, verbal, adjectival, adverbial groups and the group of service parts of speech were identified. Quantitative analysis allowed to identify the most popular grammatical classes of words that are found in Russian engineering texts, and to describe the features of their functioning in engineering texts. Currently, the results of the research allow us to come to the statement that engineering communication is a special kind of Russian-language speech universe. The method of analysis of texts of engineering specialties, based on the study of the most frequent vocabulary, is not exhaustive in order to see all their specific language features, but makes it possible to track the most striking features inherent in this class of scientific texts. The Appendix contains a catalogue of frequency vocabulary in the engineering specialty "Robotic systems".