Integrative Use of “Techno-R” Remedial Technology and Gaming Technology in Teaching Foreign Language Listening

Document Type : Research Article


Kazan Federal University


The article discusses the integrative use of Tehno-R educational and gaming technology. The authors presented the Techno-R technology for teaching foreign languages, which was subjected to experimental verification and showed an effective result in the formation of linguistic and speech competencies. Experimental studies continue currently and a search is underway for the application of this technology in combination with other technologies, in particular, with gaming computer technologies. The authors developed a methodology for including the game in the process of Techno-R technology and conducted experimental training on Ecology with third-year students of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of Kazan Federal University using the game - "Luc et son examen d'écologie", developed by a co-author of this article. Due to the fact that the experiential training was aimed at the formation of speech competence in the field of listening, the game was developed in accordance with the methodology of the formation of the ability to aurally perceive foreign language. In particular, the developed game included exercises to understand audio texts reflecting various situations of communication on the topic of "Ecology" on the issues of "Natural Disasters", "Municipal Policy "Clean City", "Measures to Combat Urban Pollution". The results of experimental training showed not only a higher quality of the formed competencies but also a significant increase in educational motivation. The results obtained during experimental training are the basis for continuing scientific research at the level of experiments using mathematical statistics methods to determine the validity of empirically obtained data.