On The Translation of Metaphor and Simile in D. Tartt’s Novel “The Goldfinch”

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 Kremlyovskaya, Kazan, Russia


The paper discusses methods for rendering metaphors and similes. The practical material under study entails artistic devices and expressiveness used in D. Tartt’s English-language novel "The Goldfinch", translated into Russian and German. The proposed research aims at the comparative analysis of the text in the source language (SL) and the texts in the languages of translation (TL); the study determines the main translation models for metaphors and similes used in the SL text by reference to the stylistic features of the studied literary texts; the given paper pursues to elicit the problems arising in the process of metaphor and simile translation into Russian and German.


Volume 10, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues (ALI 2019) July 19-20, 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
This special issue of the journal includes papers published in the spirit of academic support of the conference and so they did not go through the review process defined by the journal.
July 2019
Pages 506-514