Linguosemiotic Correlation of Categorial Domains of Professional Metaphor in Individual Signification Practice

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 Kursk State University


The study discusses multi-aspect correlations of the categorial domains of professional metaphor and aims at determining the factors that influence individual signification practice in medical colloquial speech. Within the framework of the research a natural experiment was conducted. The nomothetic technique was used to study groups in two private clinics in Boston and New York, two private clinics in Paris and Lyon and two in-patient medical institutions in Kursk. The given method was applied under the conditions of “a double-blind experiment”. Having analyzed the resulting scripts and texts, professional metaphors were identified that produce a new meaning in the spoken speech of medical workers. Professional metaphors that function in spoken medical communication implement meanings created on the basis of dynamic interpretants in individual signification practice. The result of the identifying reference within the framework of the individual signification practice is the formation of a dynamic interpretant speaker / observer as a kind of illusion of clarity of meaning, on the basis of which communicative interaction is then constructed and manifold linguosemiotic correlations of professional metaphor are manifested. The individual signification practice is influenced by the characteristics of the subject-in-process of creating and restructuring the sign form of the object from material obtained from external influences or produced by the speaker himself.