The Past, the Present and the Future in the Poetic World of Joseph Brodsky

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University


The article is devoted to the disclosure of the peculiarities of the individual author's perception of the past, the present, and the future with the purpose of understanding the poetic creativity of Joseph Brodsky. The specifics and representation of the main modes of time in the poet's idiostyle are determined based on the identity of their semantic volume, and it is addressed their role in the language picture of the poet’s world. It is given a complex description of temporal designations affected by multiple semantic transformations, reflecting the individual author's vision of the world. The factual features of the temporal units as well as the hidden connotative elements of meaning that create a difficult semantic complex are revealed, which is the language embodiment of the idea of time in the works of J. Brodsky. In the process of studying, the following methods were used: descriptive-analytical method, method of contextual analysis of the text of literature, method for interpretation of the literary text, method of continuous sampling.


Volume 10, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues (ALI 2019) July 19-20, 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
This special issue of the journal includes papers published in the spirit of academic support of the conference and so they did not go through the review process defined by the journal.
July 2019
Pages 655-662