Functional Languages in the Context of Globalization: The Language of Advertising

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University, Institute of International Relations

2 University of Management “TISBI”

3 Bashkir State University


As globalization and intensification of informational and communicative interchange become very important functional languages begin to play a significant role in a contemporary society. The language of advertising is included into a number of functional languages. The language of advertising doesn’t represent only certain stylistic features as some philologists write. The language of advertising is a language for special purposes of special type that realizes all the functions of the language. The researchers distinguish some features of languages for special purposes. Firstly, functional languages are based on ethnic languages and have the same phonetic and morphological system as ethnic languages. Secondly, languages for specific purposes of one sphere of using and of different origin are very close to each other. Thirdly, any functional language can have different layers. The authors analyze features of the language of advertising as one of the functional languages and represent separate linguistic elements of advertising texts and TV commercials at lexical, semantic, phonetic, graphic, phraseological, syntactic levels. The analysis is illustrated by examples from some media at local, regional and federal levels. The language of advertising is based on a certain ethnic language. The authors note that when we translate advertising texts from one language into another, advertising in this case is not just translation and transposition.  The addressees have to understand not only the main sense of the message, but also all its shades including extralinguistic. The results of the research can be used in other investigations in the sphere of advertising and in the process of teaching students to translate from Russian into English and from English into Russian.