Gender Symbolism in the Cycle "Faina" by Alexander Blok

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 Russian State University for the Humanities



The article is devoted to the consideration of the gender symbolism of the cycle of Alexander Blok “Faina”. Despite the fact that the work of the largest Russian poet has attracted the attention of researchers for more than a dozen years, you can still find incompletely explored areas of his poetry. These include one of the cycles of the second volume of Fain's block lyrics. It was he who became the material of research. The focus is on the gender aspect of the motivational structure of the cycle. Through the prism of a gender approach, literary criticism examines images-symbols of fire (the Dionysian basis of the world) and light (the Apollonian constructive principle) and their possible modifications that help to illuminate one of the stages of the Block meta-plot. When developing the team of the creative interest of A. Blok, the main methods were the historical and literary method that helps to identify the existing relationships within the lyric cycle, as well as the analysis of the mythopoetic level of the poet’s lyric texts, which made it possible to read symbolic images through the prism of gender. It is concluded that the complexity of the interaction of the feminine self and their relationship with the lyrical hero is explained by the peculiarity of the lyrical plot of the cycle, on the one hand, which becomes the logical result of the development of the meta-plot of the second book as a whole, on the other, which receives a psychoanalytic justification associated with a love triangle A.A. Block - A. Bely - L.D. Mendeleeva and relations A.A. Block with N.N. Volokhova.