The Real Psycholinguistic Meaning of a Word and Metaphorically Reinterpreted Component Correlation (Based on English Phraselogical Uni

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 American University of Central Asia, Bishkek


A real psycholinguistic meaning of a word can be realized as a well-ordered unity of all semantic components connected with the its sound in a
mother-tongue speaker’s linguistic consciousness. The paper under study presents the analysis of a real psycholinguistic meaning of a word and metaphorically reinterpreted component correlation based on phraseological units related to phraseosemantic field “Musical Knowledge” in the English language. As a result of this analysis it was proved that there is a disparity and in certain cases even a contradiction between a real psycholinguistic meaning of a word and the meaning of the phraseological unit. It can be explained by the fact that associations underlying phraseological units are based on some prototype situations and their meaning is easily predicted from such situations. The analysis has also shown partial and complete correlation between a real psycholinguistic nominative meaning of a word and the seme actualized from the meaning of the phraseological meaning itself. However, our analysis has revealed only several of such cases.


Volume 10, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues (ALI 2019) July 19-20, 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
This special issue of the journal includes papers published in the spirit of academic support of the conference and so they did not go through the review process defined by the journal.
July 2019
Pages 855-861