History of Literary Translation from Tatar Language to Russian in the XX Century

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia.

2 Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia



As you know, no literature exists without the mutual enrichment of translated literature. And thanks to this we have a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the work of not only Russian, but also foreign writers. As a result, translated literature is read in every region. According to many researchers, it was in the twentieth century that the subject of translation studies as a science was formed. Such formation gave a huge impetus to the growth of translated works and improvement of translation skills. It cannot be said that Tatar literature was actively translated into Russian. But even if translated, it is not always far successful. Before the 1917 revolution, there were practically no translations into Russian. Translations of Tatar literature into Russian took a systematic character only from the 30s. We came to the conclusion that in the twentieth century, Tatar literature experienced a kind of Renaissance, which affected not only its literature, but also in translation activities. Translation science as a science was not very planned in nature - this was mainly due to the influence of social factors. The development of the translation of literary prose in Tatarstan in the 20th century was not uniform, the pace of development was not very intensive, but despite this, the translators were able to achieve their goals - to familiarize Russian readers with Tatar literature, raise Tatar literature to the world level and improve the quality of translation.