The System of Genres in Modern Tatar Children's Drama

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 M.O. Auezov Institute of Literature and Art, Almaty, Kazakhstan.



The article systematized the material and contains an analysis of the state of modern Tatar children's dramaturgy. Particular attention is paid to the genre nature of the works. The material is fiction written in the native language and included in the repertoire of Tatar theaters. The work analyzes the work of the older generation of Tatar writers (Rkail Zaydulla, Nazif Karimov). “The Seventies” fruitfully work in the field of national folklore and stage works of other Tatar writers. If R.K. Zaydullah creates texts that fully meet the spirit of the original, then N. Karimova prefers to enrich the canonical text with new content: she acquaints young viewers with the customs of the Tatar people, the peculiarities of the festive culture, etc.   Particular attention is paid to the work of young authors conducting experiments with form. The article summarizes the experience of domestic theaters in educating new authors and texts that meet the needs of the modern audience. The effectiveness of the work of theater laboratories and drama contests for the search for new authors and topics has been proved. The article reveals the potential of fairy tales-plays, developing the traditions of folklore tales (magical, everyday, about animals); dramatization aimed at dialogue with the world literary tradition. Particular attention is paid to the characterization of such a new direction for the Tatar theater as plays for the baby theater.