The Image of a “Different Culture” in the Lyrics of A. Absalyamova

Document Type : Research Article


Kazan Federal University


Recently, the cultural frontier, as the area of the most intensive implementation of intercultural contacts, has come to the attention of humanitarians. The concept of the work was influenced by studies in which issues of cultural borderland and interliterary synthesis are studied. In solving the tasks set, system-structural and context-hermeneutic methods were used. It is established that in the poetry of A. Absalyamova there lives a dialogue of two cultures - Russian and Tatar. However, passive knowledge of the Tatar language suggests that the dominant culture is Russian. In this context of cultural borderland, we can talk about the influence of the degree of language learning by the writer. The article provides examples of the work of R. Bukharaev and Ch. Aitmatov. The results obtained are significant for understanding the artistic and aesthetic nature of literature that implements the phenomenon of the Russian-Tatar borderlands, as well as for identifying “cultural voices” emerging at the intersection of two cultures.


Volume 10, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Applied Linguistics Issues (ALI 2019) July 19-20, 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia
This special issue of the journal includes papers published in the spirit of academic support of the conference and so they did not go through the review process defined by the journal.
July 2019
Pages 1001-1008