A Corpus-based Stylistic Analysis of English Tourism in the Republic of Tatarstan

Document Type : Research Article


Kazan Federal University



Tourism English belongs to the English for Specific Purpose (ESP) and it has its own stylistic features. This paper aims at analyzing the stylistic features of tourism English. Firstly, a large amount of authentic materials is collected from official tourism websites of Britain and the U.S., and then a corpus named Tourism English Corpus (TEC) is compiled. Freiburg-LOB Corpus of British English (FLOB) is used as the reference corpus to make comparisons. The study analyses the Tourism English in the Republic of Tatarstan analyzes and the range of tourist services offered by local travel agencies. As an extension of their assortment, they offer the project of the tourist and excursion route “Kazan literary and memoir”. The work used various methods of scientific research. Among them is the historical-systemic method, which allowed to reconstruct the Kazan history of the following period: from the 80-ies of the XIXth century to the 20-30-ies of the XXth century, the hermeneutical method, with which it became possible to study and understand the meaning of literary works and texts of memoir content. All these contribute to the
distinctive features of tourism English. It is hoped that the research could enrich the study of tourism English and promote the translation and learning of tourism English.