Multidimensionality of EFL Recreational Reading Attitudes: An EFA and CFA Approach

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of English Language, Faculty of Arts and Science, Jouf University, Jouf, Saudi Arabia

2 English Department, College of Arts and Science in Tabarjal, Jouf University, Saudi Arabia



Because an understanding of reading attitude is pivotal to reading encouragement, this study investigated the multidimensionality of recreational reading attitude among Jordanian EFL students. A survey of recreational reading attitudes was administered to 225 EFL tertiary students at the University of Jordan. The responses to the 10-item survey were factored using (1) exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and 2 factor dimensions were obtained for the recreational reading attitude: efferent (cognitive) and aesthetic (affective). Results were, then, validated using (2) confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) using IBM Amos 23. Results provide statistical evidence and a confirmation through using mixed statistical approaches (i.e., EFA and CFA) that the recreational reading attitude of EFL students is multidimensional, which will yield a better understanding of how attitudes can affect EFL students’ engagement in reading and choices of reading materials, thus introducing a new definition for recreational reading attitudes to encompass their multidimensional nature.