Linguistic Analysis and Contents of the «Book for Reading» By Kasim Bikkulov (Early Twentieth Century)

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Tatar literature, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, KFU



The article is devoted to the Linguistic analysis of "Books for reading" by the early 20th-century enlightener writer Kasim Bikkulov, known as a writer, educator, the religious figure from the standpoint of identifying the structural and linguistic features of collections and the contents of the texts included in them. The purpose of this article is the study of "Books for Reading" by Kasim Bikkulov, the analysis of collection structure, the thematic trends of literary works, and texts of a scientific and journalistic nature included in collections. The paper used analytical, hermeneutics, comparative, and cultural-historical research methods. The analysis makes it possible to conclude that the "Books for Reading" of the studied author constitute a special place in the activities of the teacher-educator and are a definite contribution to children's literature, and also serve as an example of textbooks widely used in the teaching of Tatar literature at primary school during the first quarter of the XX-th century.