Tatar Material Culture Vocabulary in Russian Dictionaries

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of General Linguistics and Turkology, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Kazan Federal University

2 Kazan Federal University

3 Department of Russian Language and Translation, Istanbul Okan University



Kazan Federal University is conducting research on vocabulary reflecting the material and spiritual culture of Tatar people. Applying the continuous sampling method to explanatory and bilingual dictionaries, a vocabulary base has been formed, which served as the basis for the compilation of the "Ethnocultural Dictionary of the Tatar Language". Among other lexical groups, the dictionary included the names of clothing, shoes, hats, and elements. The article focuses on the study of clothing terminology of Turkic origin in Russian-language dictionaries. Explanatory, historical, etymological dictionaries of the Russian language, and dictionaries based on the materials of business writing, fiction, etc., include numerous lexical units of this group. The research data prove that increased contacts among speakers of different languages lead to the replenishment of the vocabulary, and eventually to the substitution of a certain part of original and borrowed lexical units that have been in use for several centuries. Besides, the results of the study have contributed to the clarification of the chronological characteristics of lexical units in the historical dictionaries of the Russian language.