Contemporary Architectural Media Discourse (XXI C.) In the Russian And English Languages

Document Type : Research Article


Kazan (Volga region) Federal University



The article gives an insight into the theory of discourse, text and communication. The discourse description is conducted through its inventory, conceptual spheres and communicative purposes. The rationale for the problem of the research lies in providing the complex analysis of a discourse of one sphere in the languages of different types; that promotes more accurate characterization of typical general features of professional discourse. The basic aim is going into the effective use of communicative and functional approach to discourse analysis. The paper presents first, some theoretical foundation concerning professional and specialized communication, and, second, the results of the practical research of contemporary architectural media discourse (21st c.) (CAMD) in the Russian (CAMDR) and English (CAMDE) languages. The basic material for the studies is found in the reports, accounts, discussions and forums of contemporary architecture of Kazan (Russian Federation) and London (UK) in mass media within the period of 2000-2018. The outcome of the investigation may be revealed in discourse types and methodology of communicative and functional approach application.