Diversity of Metaphoric Terms in the Sphere of English It Communication

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University, Institute of International Relations

2 Kazan Federal University



The article is devoted to the consideration of the language used by IT-specialists which is enriched with new words, terms, and metaphors every day, as this area is a subject of constant changes, due to which the language does not stand still and develops and expands daily. Undoubtedly, there are words in this field that are narrower and will only be understood by specialists in this field. These words include metaphors, terms, and phraseological expressions that are of the greatest interest, and our work will focus on the analysis of metaphorical units that are found in the field of communication in IT. The authors analyze the metaphorical terms in the field of IT communication and explore the various basic images of metaphors that explain the meaning of these metaphorical units. As it was found out, the word-formation of English terms in the field of IT is a complex process that is undergoing various changes and is in constant development due to the significant progress of the sphere itself.