Expressive Syntactic Constructions in The Space of Detective Genre (Based on B. Akunin's Novels)

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University

2 Department of Greek and Slavic Philology, University of Granada, University of Granada, Spain



Throughout all stages of linguistics evolution, including the modern one, the problem of correlation of content and form, symmetry/asymmetry of denotation and connotation is an ongoing problem. The relevance of the current research is, on the one hand, defined by the focus on the unresolved problem of syntactic phraseological models' semantic-functional status, and, on the other hand, driven by the focused attention to the representation of intension in the information structure of phrasemes, which differ by correlation of qualitative-quantitative and relational meanings. Phraseomodels, which are analyzed in the aspect of inter-model correlation, are correlated with those phrase models that include the slishkom..., chtoby part, which shows the redundancy in the quality or in the condition, and with those that include the ne tak/ne nastol'ko/ne stol'..., chtoby part, in which the quality of the subject, on the contrary, does not exceed the bare minimum for something to happen.