The Linguistic and Prosodic Analyses of English Film Trailers

Document Type : Research Article


Higher School of Foreign Languages and Translation, Institute of International Relations, Kazan Federal University



The aim of the study is to conduct linguistic analysis and to identify prosodic features in the English film trailers. The authors undertake the study with the assistance of applied computer programme Speech Analyzer 3.1. The linguistic analysis of English trailers shows that the most commonly used stylistic means are: epithets, hyperbole, repetitions, and rhetorical questions. The results of the research suggest that such prosodic features as pitch, loudness, tempo, rhythm, pausation are used in the speech of the actors in the movie trailers. Based on the comprehensive analysis, the authors conclude that the value of prosodic design increases since prosodic features provide film trailers with a sound colouring optimizing mainly the auditory perception and the desire of viewers to watch the film.