The Possible Subject: Social Construction and Linguistic Articulation


Department of Social Philosophy of the Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications of the Kazan Federal University



Structuralism is used as the methodological basis of the work. Due to linguistic articulation, the subject recognizes and acknowledges himself as a subject. However, even before the linguistic articulation occurred, there is internal space for its implementation in the structure of the “I”. To indicate the process of the discursive production of the subject, the concept of interpellation is used, the essence of which is determined by two reasons - communicative and cognitive. It is established that for realization, the subject must become an obstacle to himself, be exposed to the threat of decomposition and splitting. It is noted that the subject is always in a situation of opportunity, but its implementation is not guaranteed.  Thus, it is concluded that the subject is not a stable personality structure, but is, firstly, universal practice of the individual’s activity in society, and, secondly, the result of the influence of discourses, through which the reproduction of social relations takes place.