Precedent Texts in Journalistic Style (On the Basis of English And Russian Newspapers)

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Legal and Social Sciences, Higher School of Economics and Law, Naberezhnye Chelny Institute (branch) of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Kazan Federal University



The purpose of the research is to study precedent texts on the material of English and Russian newspapers. Based on the research purpose the following tasks were solved: 1) to give the essence of «precedent phenomenon» and «precedent text» notions; 2) to reveal precedent texts in English and Russian newspapers; 3) to make the analysis of researched lexical units. The hypothesis of this research is the assumption that the study of precedent texts allows fostering a fuller mutual understanding of different culture representatives. The research is based on the following methods: semantization, contextual analysis, generalization and method of simultaneous analysis of linguistic facts. As a result of the study, the proposed hypothesis was confirmed, and data were obtained to complement and clarify the role of precedent texts in intercultural communication.