Language Policy of The Tatarstan Republic In Globalization Context

Document Type : Research Article


Higher School of Economics and Law, Department of foreign languages, Kazan Federal University


Nowadays, there is a task in the republic of Tatarstan to preserve and popularize the national language. In the republic of Tatarstan today, there is a large number of enterprises with the participation of foreign capital, which play a high-priority role in the economy of our republic. Thus, language policy has to take into account the needs of modern society, that is, along with the popularization of the national language, it is also necessary to create favourable conditions for the study of foreign languages. Such measures will help to nurture not only a spiritually rich, harmonious, but also a modern society that meets the needs of a progressive world. The paper considers the main points of the language situation and language policy in the Republic of Tatarstan. The research offers a review of the main aspects of language paradigm in the region.