Semantic Field ‘Fairy Tales Heroes’ Relative to English

Document Type : Research Article


Institute of International Relations, Department of Theory and Practice of Translation, Kazan Federal University, Russia


The article is presenting the results of the Tatar realia research. The authors have calculated the semantic distance coefficient (SDC) for one of the semantic fields of the Tatar realia “Fairy tales’ heroes”. It makes up 11.8, which shows that on average to explain the meanings of Tatar realia, we need approximately 12 words.  This figure states the difference in perceiving world picture between Tatar and English peoples. The method of research is based on the statement proved by the linguists of Voronezh University (Russia). They believe the more words we need to explain the word meaning the less common concepts the pair languages have. We also compared the SDC for the other fields of the Tatar realia. For the field “Family” it makes up 8.57, for the field “Animals” it is 6.5, for the field “Religion” it is 12.44, for the field “Measures” t is 11.7, for the field “Food” it is 9.93, for the field “Household objects” it is 8.2. Thus, the numbers show in which fields we have fewer common concepts to avoid misunderstanding.