English Nouns’ Valency in Terms of Phraseology

Document Type : Research Article


1 Belgorod State National Research University

2 Institute of International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboedov



This article deals with the analysis of the noun used in the English phraseology as it has the highest phraseological activity. The subject of special attention is a study of phraseological units with a phytonym component. The group of phraseological units with a phytonym component is the most frequently used one. Some phytonyms demonstrate unusual cultural connotations typical to this language. The importance of the plant world for people and the fact that they make analogies between humans and plants are reflected in the language. Results indicate that the choice of the properties of a particular plant as a prototype for re-interpretation is due to several reasons: on the one hand, the peculiarities of the human thinking process, which leads to the formation of similar images in different cultures; on the other hand, this choice depends on the cultural and historical development of the country, its geographical location and political structure.