Tatar Language in The General Education System

Document Type : Research Article


1 General Linguistics and Turkology Dep., Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

2 Department of General Linguistics and Turkology, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

3 Kazan Federal University

4 Department of Humanities, Kostanay Social and Technical University named after Zulkharnay Aldamzhar (Kazakhstan)



This article discusses the issues of Tatar language teaching in the system of general secondary education. The Tatar language is taught in the educational institutions of various types in the Republic of Tatarstan. For this purpose, the exemplary programs, training packages, audio and video materials, and interactive study materials have been developed and approved. During the research, various aspects of the educational process were analyzed; positive results and the reasons for students’ success were defined; the compliance of educational materials with the age characteristics of students and their interests were determined; the tools for the assessment of the level of Tatar language proficiency were established; the main approaches and technologies, used in Tatar language lessons, and the conditions for advanced training of Tatar language teachers were investigated. In the course of field study, the survey of teachers of Tatar language and literature, working in the comprehensive secondary schools, was conducted; as well as a written survey of schoolchildren of different classes for their attitude to the learning of Tatar language was carried out.