Emigration from Russia in the post-Soviet period as a pattern of evolution of the national Russian language

Document Type : Research Article


Department philology, Kazan Federal University



The focus of the article is the history of the Russian emigration. Awareness of the history of Russian emigration makes it possible to trace what changes have occurred with the national Russian languages in the framework of the historical events of the XX – XXI centuries. The aim of this work is to analyze the history of Russian emigration in the post-Soviet period. The author in the article describes the distinctive characteristics inherent in each wave of emigration, referring to the data of Rosstat, presents quantitative statistics on the number of emigrants from Russia. The waves of emigration are depicted from the point of Russian language usage there. Each wave is described from linguistic, grammar and phonetic point of view, proved by exact facts of grammar constructions, lexical units, highlighting the impact of the Russian language in emigration to the Russian language in the metropolis. Besides historical and linguistical descriptions, the author of the article is trying to give a sociological portrait of average emigrant for each wave.