Aims and Scope

The growth of Applied Linguistics as a separate discipline is a success story of the 1950s. The field has developed in many parts of the world and is clearly destined to continue developing well into the twenty-first century. Being concerned with pragmatically motivated study of language in social and cultural settings, Applied Linguistics brings together work in a wide array of fields, including linguistics, literary studies, history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and economics. The purpose of Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics is to contribute to the development of the field, reflect the breadth of work in Applied Linguistics, and enable readers to share in the exciting new developments that are taking place at the present time.

Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics (RALs) invites all linguists, applied linguists, and teaching practitioners to contribute to the journal by submitting papers under the following main headings:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Literary Studies
  • Translation Studies