I'm No Longer a Child: A Closer Look at the Interaction Between Iranian EFL University Students' Identities and Their Academic Performance

Document Type : Research Article


, Shiraz University


Although university EFL students represent a wide array of social and cultural identities, their multiple and diverse identities are not usually considered in foreign language classrooms. This qualitative case study attempted to examine identity conflicts experienced by Iranian EFL learners at the university context. To this end, two Shiraz University students' identities were investigated. Semi-structured interviews were the instruments utilized to collect the necessary data. Findings indicated that despite the close relationship existing between language learning and learners' multiple identities, practitioners made little or no attempt to address their students' identities. This negligence of their identities, in turn, led to their reluctance to engage in classroom activities and their lack of interest in what they learn. Implications of these findings for foreign language teaching pedagogy are also provided.