Modelling of the Frame “Russia” In the French Newspaper Discourse

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kazan Federal University, Institute of International Relations

2 Department of European Languages and Cultures, Institute of International Relations, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

3 Institute of International Relations, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

4 Department of Foreign Languages, Kazan State Power Engineering University



The article is devoted to the formation of media linguistics, with media discourse as its object, in scientific fields of Russia and foreign countries. The method of frame-based modelling, which is widely used in media linguistics, is highlighted. The concept of the frame script is expanded on; the frame structure consisting of subframes and slots is defined as well. The necessity of applying this method in describing the representation of Russia’s image in French newspaper discourse is justified. The comparative analysis of the patterns of the frame-script “Russia” is conducted for two different time periods. The slots are separated out in the structure of the subframe, and the instances of their verbalization in newspaper discourse are cited. The predominance of certain types of slots over the others is explained. The conclusion that the representation of Russia’s image depends on both domestic and international current affairs, is drawn. An evaluation of a state’s image in foreign-language discourse cannot be considered as universal for foreign media reality and is reliable solely within the boundaries of a given time period.